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Bike 2 Work Scheme

18 Jul 2016 2:00pm (2 years ago)

Buying a new bike

So I've now applied for the Bike 2 Work Scheme, this works as a salary sacrifice. Which means that I pay off the bike before tax and means a saving of up to 42% depending on which tax bracket you are in.

There are a few different schemes like this, this is just the one that Squiz use.

How it works:

I choose the Norco Search Alloy 105, from Evans Cycles. Which came to £854, I rounded it up to £1000 (the maximum you can apply for) so I could get a rack and panniers. The rack I choose was the Topeak Explorer 29er Bike Rack with Disc Mount as it needed to fit around the disc brakes. The Panniers I chose were the Ortlieb Back Roller Classic QL2.1 (in red of course).

The whole process from creating the account to getting the bike took 7 days.

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