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Day 1 Getting a Bike

02 May 2016 8:15pm (3 years ago)

I'm being given a new Mountain Bike which my cousin won in a competition, but there's a chance that this won't turn up for 4 weeks.

Last night, Sunday 1 May, I was at Red Door Studios dancing to some West African Disco. It was a great night, the plan was to go for an hour and 4 hours later glow sticks were everywhere and the smoke machine was on.

During the evening whilst drinking beers and dancing, explained to my friends what I'd got myself into. I told them the tale about my cousin winning a bike and that she was giving it to me but that might not turn up for 4 weeks and this does not help with my training and preparation. Liam said that he had a spare bike for me to borrow.

So this evening I went around to pick up the bike, Liam explained that he bought the bike from a Police auction. We did some quick work on the bike, pumping up the tyres and adjusting the brakes.

Then it was my first time to ride a bike in years, admittedly only 200m but still…

Liam's Bike he kindly lent me

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