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Day 13 First long ride of the weekend

14 May 2016 8:54pm (3 years ago)

Go for a long ride and I discover that the bike rack that I have is no good.

As I got to Finsbury Park, I worked out that the noise I could hear was my pannier rubbing against the back wheel. It turns out that the side bars on the bike rack are not long enough to stop the panniers rubbing, even though the description said so, at some point I'll write a review on amazon.

I went into Evans, Crouch End, to see if I could get a new bike rack, £75 they wanted and for a rack that may not even fit my bike when I get it. So I decided to head home and get rid of the panniers, home is quite away by this time.

The Regents Canal gets ridiculously busy on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I won't be going down there again on  a Saturday.

When I got home I'd only done 25 miles, so I took off the panniers and did 6 more lengths of The Greenway, which fortunately is 2.5 miles.

So that makes a total of 44 miles today, 117 miles this week and 219 miles (352.86 KM) in total so far.

Distance: 40.1 miles
Time: 03:33:19
Average Speed: 11.3 miles/hour

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