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Day 14 First ever 50 mile ride

15 May 2016 5:51pm (3 years ago)

This is the furthest I've ever ride a bike ever in 1 stint, well so was yesterday but this over shadows that.

Two weeks ago I didn't even have a bike, thank Liam, now I've managed to ride 50 miles in one day. When I started this I didn't actually believe that I'd in any way that I could ride 300 miles in 4 days.

Now I've ridden almost 100 miles (94.2 actually) in two days, I'm starting to think that I'll be able to do this.

When I awoke this morning, my body was saying to me:

Don't be daft, what you did was epic, but you need a rest.

Although my brain knew better, I had to get back on a bike and ride, I need the practise. So on I got and rode.

Today it was hot, the internet tells me it was 17ºC, but it lies it was at least 25ºC. Oh boy did I sweat at parts.

Temperature in London 15 May

There were a number of points on today's ride when I had to go up. Four in total and three of them were straight after each other. On the first lap this was easy, on the other two laps, this hurt. I do hope that we don't have many ups hill sections on the ride in June.

Distance: 50.1 miles
Time: 04:26:21
Average Speed: 11.3 miles/hour

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