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Day 2 First ride in over 20 Days

03 May 2016 8:30am (3 years ago)

As I've decided to ride 300 miles in 4 days and not been on a bike for over 20 years, it time I got on one.

I set off ridiculously early as I had no idea if I could cycle all the way to work without stopping or whether I could cycle fast enough.

Due to the amount of traffic in London I choose to go the long way round and stick to tracks, parks and canals, Susan was even more worried than I was.

On the Monday evening I googled cycle route from home to work, why on earth would anyone cycle along the A11.

So I decided I'd make up my own safer route that involved Cycle paths, Parks, Canals and as few cars/lorries as possible.

CS1 New Old Street Cycle Junction

I thought this ride was going to take me 1.5-2hrs and was delighted that in fact it only took 1hr 4mins, until I worked out that that would translate to my 1st day on the Charity Ride being at least 10.5hrs :'(

Distance: 9.2 miles
Time: 01:04:56
Average Speed: 8.5 miles/hour

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