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Day 2 the Ride home

03 May 2016 6:40pm (3 years ago)

After working all day I had to cycle home and I was on a deadline

So this I was not looking forward to, for a number of reasons:

But I did it, I had to otherwise it did not bode well.

I got lost on the way home and the cobbles/potholes made the pain even more intense. I got home at 18:42, which is not bad considering I got lost and I was out of the house again within 8 mins after showering.

Distance: 9.4 miles
Time: 00:58:13
Average Speed: 9.8 miles/hour

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Day 5 100km check
So in 4 days of riding I've now gone over the 100km mark. Well 113km to be precise (that's 70.4 miles in real money), but 70 doesn't sound as good as 100.
06 May 2016 (3 years ago)

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