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Day 21 Cheese Run

23 May 2016 8:00pm (3 years ago)

This weekend I'm going to a Music Festival, so of course I need cheese!

What better preparation for a 300 mile bike ride in 4 days, than to go to Bearded Theory.

Honest I'll be relaxing and not dancing until the early hours.

Every year, we have a cheese party, why wouldn't you. This year (as all years) it falls to me to buy french cheeses.

I London there's, IMO, only one place to get a range of french cheeses La Fromagerie, so what did I get:

I also have beer cheese, not just any beer cheese but Cantillon Gueuze Cheese.

Distance: 12.0 miles
Time: 01:11:56
Average Speed: 10.1 miles/hour

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