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Day 29 Ride Week is here

31 May 2016 9:12am (3 years ago)

The first obstacle, Bearded Theory, is now out of the way.

I've had my ticket for Bearded Theory since the day they were released, in fact my friend Jane was so quick off the mark I had ticket number 1.

Other than, 3 weeks ago, not being a cyclist Bearded Theory was one of my biggest obstacles. Music festivals usually involve, excessive drinking, late nights, dancing, etc.

There was definitely a great deal of dancing, Dancing in Fields is my favourite thing in the world. Whilst I did have the odd Jaipur, I certainly didn't drink excessively and most nights I was back in the Hotel before midnight.

I now feel chilled and relaxed before the week ahead.

Friends at Bearded Theory

Before I left last week, I ordered more clothing for the ride, I even ordered a rain jacket (which I will not need). All of this was awaiting on my desk when I arrived this morning.

More clothing

This week, during the ride I shall also be tweeting from the Life at Squiz account, follow it to see what occurs.

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