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Day 31 Lessons I've learnt

02 Jun 2016 6:54pm (3 years ago)

After cycling through Czech Republic, Germant & Poland on a hot day there are a number of things I've learnt.

  1. Hills are evil, but only the up ones the down ones are alright and quite fun
  2. Cobbles are also evil, especially if you're James and on his bike, he has a bone-shaker
  3. Hills with Cobbles, whoever invented that needs banishing to a black hole and atoms pull apart
  4. When you're cycling up hills and you have your mouth wide open, insects think the inside of your mouth is a safe haven and just fly straight in
  5. Cats love hot tarmac and lie in the middle of the track spread eagle, they don't like to move either
  6. If you don't specify, the water you buy comes in the sparkling form. I hate bubbles in water
  7. Look for the green arrows
  8. Polish like to have beer at breakfast

Distance: 72.1 miles
Time: 06:00:00
Average Speed: 12.0 miles/hour

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