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Day 4 Who invented wind?

05 May 2016 8:30pm (2 years ago)

Just when you think you may be getting the hang of something, something comes along and blows you off track. Quite literally.

Joggers Tetris again today and people with their heads down in their phones, oh my word I'm starting to moan like a cyclist.

Today was harder and not because I was tired. At first I couldn't work it out. Once I got to the Greenway, which is elevated, it became harder.

Halfway along the Greenway I noticed, to the right, flags blowing in the wind. This made perfect sense not only was I fighting against the pedals and my tiredness now I had the wind too.

This had the affect, along with the number of people on the canal of for the first time slower than the previous day :(

Distance: 8.7 miles
Time: 00:49:22
Average Speed: 10.6 miles/hour

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