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Day 5 Today I didn't want to get out of Bed

06 May 2016 8:58am (3 years ago)

"Wake up it's 7 O'Clock" said Susan. My Brain said "Don't listen it's all lies, stay here you've got at least 4 hrs left".

The Alarm in our house is generally set for 06:57, so that we can listen to Tweet of the Day. Tweet of the day is not about what people are eating, celebrities, or whatever people think Twitter is used for, it's a daily programme on BBC Radio4 about bird song and some information about said bird.

Today I was awakened by Susan saying "It's 07:00". My brain told me:

Don't listen to her, she's lying. You've still got at least 4 more hours in bed.

It turned out to be true. It was 07:00, the news on the Radio told me that. My brain started talking to me again:

Stay in bed! You deserve it. They won't miss you at work. You should give up on this idea, it's stupid.

Needless to say, I didn't listen to my brain. If I'd listened to my brain I wouldn't even be attempting this in the first place.

So slowly, very slowly, I got myself ready and eventually I was out of the door by 07:30.

As I just got past Mare Street on the Canal, I noticed there was a narrow road to the left of the tow path, I thought this will help me avoid the joggers, it did. Although this narrow road turned out to be the Cobbled highway to Hell! I shan't be doing that again.

Even though I was exhausted before I even started, I still kept up the pace and managed to keep going. When I got to the office I walked in and Mark looked at me and just laughed, cheers Mark that did a great deal to my confidence.

In other news, it appears that quite a few people are reading my blog, thanks.

Distance: 8.5 miles
Time: 00:44:54
Average Speed: 11.4 miles/hour

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