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Day 7 Ride along the River Lea

08 May 2016 1:15pm (3 years ago)

After being denied access to the Velopark road circuit, I decided I'd ride north following the River Lea

Similar to riding along the canal, although the tow path is a little wider.

Whenever I came across a lock I also encountered, something worse that cobbles, ribs across the path made from bricks.

River Lea Steps

The first time I encountered these I rode straight over them, every other time I got off and pushed the bike over them. These things are evil.

I also crossed another milestone today, riding a total of 31.2 mile meant that I've got past the 100 mile mark (101.7 miles to be precise).

100 miles

Distance: 26.4 miles
Time: 02:20:03
Average Speed: 11.3 miles/hour

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