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Day 7 Trip to Velopark

08 May 2016 10:20am (3 years ago)

I needed to buy some more equipment/clothing so went to Velopark.

After yesterday's rest day, I wanted to do a long (ish) ride I thought I'd go to the Velopark. They have a road circuit there, as well as the Velodrome, BMX Track & Mountain Bike course, the plan was to do 20 laps of the road circuit.

Before heading to the road circuit I went to Cycle Surgery, to buy some more stuff:

The pedals on the bike I borrowed from Liam were starting to split, which I was worried about. The guy at cycle surgery fitted it for me and gave me great advice on what to buy to.

After shopping I went to buy my ticket for the road circuit, only to find out that it was shut until 13:00, due to a duathlon.

So I had a quick ook at google maps to find out what to do next…

Distance: 4.8 miles
Time: 00:24:04
Average Speed: 12.0 miles/hour

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