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Day 8 Rain

09 May 2016 9:16pm (3 years ago)

I'm please it rained, for a number of reasons.

When it go to the end of the day and time to go home, it was raining and raining quite hard (well not hard like Manchester rain but rain all the less).

My first thought was:

Mmmmm leave the bike here and get the train home.

This attitude though is really not going to get me ready for the ride in 3 weeks. So I just got on with it.

There are a number of positives about riding in the rain:

Overall I quite enjoyed cycling in the rain, although if it rains solidly for 4 days I reckon that'd be too much.

Distance: 8.5 miles
Time: 00:43:42
Average Speed: 11.8 miles/hour

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