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Day 9 Tiny Tuesday

10 May 2016 10:14pm (3 years ago)

Tuesdays, at Squiz, are traditionally big. For me this week Tuesday was tiny.

This Tuesday, as all Tuesdays, I got a HipChat message from Hamish at 16:30 which just read "Pub?". Last night I'd promised someone that I would go sort out their IT issues (as everyone who works with computers will forever have to do).

So at 17:30 I left the office, travelled almost as far as the Northern Line would take me. Did my good deed for the day and was soon on my way back to the pub.

The pub in question is the Old Fountain, for me the greatest pub in London. I got to the pub at 19:17 order a beer and chips. The Fountain chips are not just chips, they're piled high with:

Glorious and all for £7.00. Once I'd finished my chips I was on my way, I didn't even finish my pint as nice as it was.

So it was back to work to pick up the bike.

This time I decided there was no rush and just took it nice and gentle. I normally have Strava open the whole time watching the clock and checking my progress. This time I just pedalled nice and gently, thinking it was going to take me about 55 minutes, imagine my surprise when I got home in 43 minutes :)

Distance: 8.4 miles
Time: 00:43:23
Average Speed: 11.7 miles/hour

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