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More Speed & New Stuff

02 Aug 2016 11:27pm (3 years ago)

I'm getting faster and today I bought some new stuff.


Since getting the new bike the time it takes me to get home is just getting better and better, today was 36 mins 46 seconds.

Joggers Tetris

The first time I rode Joggers Tetris my time was 4 minutes 36 seconds (10.7 mph) today my time was 2 minutes 59 seconds (16.5 mph).

New Stuff

There is still a number of items that I need:

Cycling Glasses

I find that if I don't wear Glasses that I get dust, flies & rain in my eyes. Until now I've been wearing my sun glasses, there are couple of major downfalls with this:

The glasses I bought are the Madison D'Arcs, they come with 3 sets of interchangable lenses.


I've decided to get some Touring pedals, these will allow me to cycle with SPD Shoes and normal shoes. SPD Shoes, connect directly to the pedals meaning that less energy is wasted when riding.

The ones I choose are the Shimano a530s, luckily these were almost half price in the sale.


The shoes that I wanted need to work as normal shoes too, so that I can walk on them too.

The ones I choose are the Giro Rumble VR.

Bike Cover

Finally as my bike is, currently, stored outside at night, so in order to keep it dry and protected I got a cover.

The one I choose is the Bike Parka Urban, this also has an opening for a lock to pass through.

Distance: 8.5 miles
Time: 00:36:47
Average Speed: 13.9 miles/hour

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