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SPD (Stupid Pedals Damn)

15 Aug 2016 9:09am (3 years ago)

So I've had my new pedals fitted and I fell off again.

On Saturday, I took my bike to Rob's Bikes, so that he could fit my new pedals and cleats to my shoes.

I could, possibly, have done this myself but:

Talking to Rob was great, he gave me loads of tips and tricks. If you live in East London and need a service or work done on your bike he's definitely worth considering.

Once my pedals and cleats were fitted and adjusted, I took the new pedals for a spin.

Wow it's a strange sensation, being physically attached to a bike. The difference in power transfer is amazing.

At the end of the test spin I came to a halt and quickly realised that I was still clipped into the pedals, I fell over again the second time in 2 days.

So I now have a plan for cycling with SPD Pedals:

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