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Week 1 of new bike

25 Jul 2016 8:17am (3 years ago)

Puncture resistant tyres and insurance


So after getting a puncture on day 1, I decided that I'd do something to prevent this happening as much as I could and bought some puncture resistant tyres (well 1 actually, the other I've ordered from amazon).

The tyres I've chosen are the Schwalbe Marathon Plus.

These tyres came highly recommended by many people.

I felt confident that this was the way forward. I fitted the new tyre on Tuesday night, went out for a test ride to make sure the brakes and gears were functioning correctly and all was good.

When I woke the following day to find the tyre was flat, it turns out I'd trapped the inner tube in the rim.


Having a new bike I really don't want to be a victim of bike crime or an accident. Now I can't stop someone stealing my bike, other than locking it properly, but if it does happen I want to be able to replace it.

So I got insurance from https://www.cycleplan.co.uk/, this covers:

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