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Day 34 Wind Lies & Videotape

So the last 10 miles were evil.
05 Jun 2016 7:10pm (2 years ago)

Day 34 Devs on Tour day 4

Last day, enough said.
05 Jun 2016 6:39am (2 years ago)

Day 33 What a day

I now have a new found hatred of hills, this time down hills.
04 Jun 2016 7:46pm (2 years ago)

Day 33 Ride day 3

04 Jun 2016 8:10am (2 years ago)

Day 32 Today was hard

The weather was kind to us, as in it didn't rain.
03 Jun 2016 7:05pm (2 years ago)

Day 32 Ride day 2

Last night I went to bed at 21:00 only to be rudely awakened at 23:00.
03 Jun 2016 9:06am (2 years ago)

Day 31 Lessons I've learnt

After cycling through Czech Republic, Germant & Poland on a hot day there are a number of things I've learnt.
02 Jun 2016 6:54pm (2 years ago)

Day 31 Ride Day

Photos from start of ride
02 Jun 2016 8:01am (2 years ago)

Day 30 I hate Luton Airport

There are just some airports in the world that are not very pleasant.
01 Jun 2016 12:39pm (2 years ago)

Day 29 This time tomorrow…

We shall be in Czech Republic, hopefully sleeping
31 May 2016 11:44pm (2 years ago)

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Random Post

My Equipment is Starting to Arrive
Starting to ride means having to buy a lot of stuff and this is only the first batch.
03 May 2016 (2 years ago)

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