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Day 29 £1000

With 2 days to go before the ride takes place w'e've reached the target of £1000
31 May 2016 12:43pm (2 years ago)

Day 29 Ride Week is here

The first obstacle, Bearded Theory, is now out of the way.
31 May 2016 9:12am (2 years ago)

Day 21 Cheese Run

This weekend I'm going to a Music Festival, so of course I need cheese!
23 May 2016 8:00pm (2 years ago)

Day 21 Safer Ride

Today a section of the greenway, that was closed, re-opened.
23 May 2016 9:20am (2 years ago)

Day 20 Bike Maintainence

Wow yet another flat tyre.
22 May 2016 6:46pm (2 years ago)

Day 18 300 miles

So now I've proven that I can ride 300 miles without dying.
19 May 2016 8:30pm (2 years ago)

Day 18 Deflated Hopes

This morning I went to get my bike only to see a flat front tyre.
19 May 2016 10:06am (2 years ago)

Day 17 Joggers Tetris win

A combination of rain and later ride = beating my personal best.
18 May 2016 9:30pm (2 years ago)

Day 15 Insomnia

You'd think that after cycling 50 miles I'd be pretty tired and sleep would be easy. No, screw you Insomnia.
16 May 2016 9:28am (2 years ago)

Day 14 First ever 50 mile ride

This is the furthest I've ever ride a bike ever in 1 stint, well so was yesterday but this over shadows that.
15 May 2016 5:51pm (2 years ago)

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Day 1 Getting a Bike
I'm being given a new Mountain Bike which my cousin won in a competition, but there's a chance that this won't turn up for 4 weeks.
02 May 2016 (2 years ago)

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