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22 Jul 2017 4:15pm (2 years ago)

It's been a while and on the first ride I had a spoke break.

So I haven't ridden my bike this year, this makes me a little sad and ashamed.

The more I didn't ride the more I thought it'd harder to get back on it.

So this morning I did some maintenance to make sure that everything was fine for me to ride to work on Monday morning.

As I was cleaning the wheels one of the spokes on the front wheel went TWANG, so I got out my Haynes Bike Book to see how hard it was to fix. It turns out that changing a spoke is relatively easy, the difficult part was making sure the wheel is then true, the Haynes manual rated the difficulty as 5 spanners. This worried me, I have no idea, even with the manual how to do this.

So off I rode to the Halfords in Beckton, it turns out that:

  1. They don't sell spokes
  2. They could replace it for me but not until Wednesday at the earliest, as their mechanic doesn't work weekends (a time that I'd think they'd have the most custom)
  3. It was going to cost £25 minimum

I called Cycle Surgery at the Velodrome to see if they:

  1. Had the part
  2. They could do it today

They said, their mechanic was not in today but the manager could do it and it's be £15. Win! So I cycled over to the Velodrome. When I got there, they told me that it would take an hour. So I went into the Velodrome and sat in the 45º Cafe watching the Tour de France, double win!

It only took them 30 minutes so I didn't get to see much, but I've recorded it anyway.

For the first time I strapped my UE BOOM 2, a fantastic speaker,to my rack this meant that I could listen to music while riding. I of course choose Tour de France by Kraftwerk.

It turns out I'm not as fit as I was at the end of last year, but I'll get there.

Distance: 9.5 miles
Time: 00:49:24
Average Speed: 11.6 miles/hour

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