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More Speed & New Stuff

I'm getting faster and today I bought some new stuff.
02 Aug 2016 11:27pm (3 years ago)

Week 1 of new bike

Puncture resistant tyres and insurance
25 Jul 2016 8:17am (3 years ago)

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

You'd have thought getting a new bike would all be fantastic, turns out not.
19 Jul 2016 8:14am (3 years ago)

Bike 2 Work Scheme

Buying a new bike
18 Jul 2016 2:00pm (3 years ago)

Target met

So that's it I've now raised £1,800, that's 10,000 zł.
13 Jun 2016 11:14am (4 years ago)

Back on it

Today was, kind of, the first day back on a bike since I did the bike ride.
13 Jun 2016 8:48am (4 years ago)

Video Highlights

Video Highlights of the ride, filmed on Go Pro by Robert Grymiński
09 Jun 2016 8:51am (4 years ago)


Photo gallery of the ride along Oder Neiße cycle route.
08 Jun 2016 11:26am (4 years ago)

On the News

On our arrival into Szczecin, the TV cameras were there waiting and we made the local News that night.
08 Jun 2016 9:15am (4 years ago)

How much does a charity bike ride cost?

In preparation for this and during I've actually spent a fair amount of money.
07 Jun 2016 8:47am (4 years ago)

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Random Post

My Equipment is Starting to Arrive
Starting to ride means having to buy a lot of stuff and this is only the first batch.
03 May 2016 (4 years ago)

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